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What I saw of career military when I was in the US navy, I don't think they need to run the US or Haiti either one. US presidents don't seem to run the USA all that well; Haiti has not benefitted much from Bill Clinton's attention.

Foriegn militaries were of brief help after the earthquake- I saw the good various of them did- but not long term. All a Haitian army would do is launch coups.

Problem was that a very large minority of Haiti's national police were killed or injured in the earthquake, and Haiti does need help to rebuild that.

I don't think AbleRooster has a good idea for the US to run Haiti or anywhere else. Nor any other foriegners.

Haitians need to run Haiti.

There are NGO's and NGO's- they vary in quality.

I worked with good ones- some of which have had to scale back because they are not getting donations.

Much of Haiti's health services are given by private relief groups.

Before the earthquake there were too few health professionals, and many of those Haiti had were lost in the earthquake.

Schools same story.

These come to help Haiti, not promote some UN agenda or agenda of their national govenments.

Foriegners can help; they don't need to run. A friend of mine has been helping Haiti write better building codes, with suggestions rather than demands.

He had spent time in Haiti as an engineer with expertise in earthquake-resistnat construction.

The buildings he designed did not fall down, he knows local materials and customs, and speaks functional Creole.

Respect for the Haitians.

Haiti does have good professionals.

I got to work with some.

The US does not have a national police force.

Canada, Peru, Chile do and can do a better job of helping train new Haitian national police than the US can.

Brian Sitterley, February 16 2011, 8:32 PM


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