The Rooster, I am sorry you are having such rough a time on...

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The Rooster,
I am sorry you are having such rough a time on the site. Your apology appears sincere.

I for one will accept it and hope the others will follow.

Man, just for the record, you must admit condemning a whole group of people at the core of their origin is a little bit over the top.
Do you have Haitian kids in your class?

Are you trying to understand them?

Is that why blogging here is important to you?

The new-wave immigrants did not make a conscious choice of not learning English.

It was a choice presented to them when Bilingual education became en vogue in the late 70's early 80's. New immigrants get to study in their own language but the flip side of the coin is that they had to give up assimilation with mainstream America.

They become complacent, as you seem to imply and at times angry.

New immigrants don't have assorted choices that were available to their earlier counterparts.

They became urban peasants, as America intended them to be. With the help of churches and community organizations, mostly funded by US grants and charity organizations,(American Bourgeoisie); they become disenfranchised and formed a new sort of "under-class" group.

Mexico is rich in natural resources but does not seem to fare as well as the other neighbor, Canada...

Really, Rooster, even when I was in school, there was no more Pledging.

It must be a Florida State political issue.

If I were you, I would not dismissed the Mexicans too fast, as they and other young immigrants might be needed because of the aging and slow reproduction of traditional Americans...They will sorely be needed to push America forward...They, as young immigrant-Americans NEED to be educated to help push America STAY as an economic super power.

Somewhere down the line, USA will take its place among other industrialized countries;But will keep its place as a super power for a long while...

Rooster, I would strongly suggest that you do your civic duty by finding a way to reach out to these kids just as you are making an effort to reach out to Haiti and Haitians.

Perhaps if you did learn a second or a third language, I believe you would have been more tolerant to different cultures and would have understood that ALL CULTURES ARE CREATED EQUAL.

Economic power does not always equate cultural superiority ...

Contrary to what you may think, I love all cultures and do NOT believe one is superior over the other.

I have two daughters, one is monolingual.

She thinks, she is an "American" and does not need a second language.

I can't believe she is my daughter...

but she is also very young.

My other daughter who already spoke 5 languages fluently is pretty much at ease with everyone.

She loves spending summers abroad.

Cultural barriers were never an issue in my family;We respect everybody's culture and economic standing.

I remember, a simple lesson from my father.Haiti, then eight years old; An old man in humble clothing stopped by the house and asked for a glass of water.

I served him from a tin cup;Father gently said to me whether or not I know who the guy was.I said no. His reply was "He could have been JESUS, serve him the water in a proper glass".

That was a simple way to teach a child to respect people no matter who they are.
Rooster, you can talk about anything you want to as long as you don't insult folks.

I know you can be diplomatic, when you want to.
Stay cool

Marjorie Middy, February 16 2011, 8:07 PM


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