Why should America concern so much about Haiti? Is Georges...

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Why should America concern so much about Haiti?

Is Georges Bush out of America for killing a living president in Iraq?

Is Georges Bush a threat to America for invading an independent country to overthrow its president?

Why should Aristide and Duvalier cause greater turmoil to Haiti?

Obama needs to stop backing up the criminal CIA agents as stationed in Haiti who kept wrongly advising him. America could help more Haiti if those criminal Republican backing KKK CIA agents were not stationed in Haiti.

With ill economic advisers as appointed on Haitian soil, America cannot produce good deeds in helping Haiti.

Aristide should return before the upcoming elections in Haiti and we would be there to protect him. I am asking Duvalier to schedule a meeting with all former presidents in Haiti to be there before the upcoming elections to create the Former Haitian Presidents Council of Haiti to debate on urgent matters to rebuild Haiti.

This high council body should be the one to consult and not foreigners when Haiti is facing a crisis and we should end Haitian exile forever as prescribed in the Haitian constitution.

I want all all of you to put aside your differences so we can move on Haiti's important affairs.

I am asking Aristide to return to Haiti to make a public apology like Jean-Claude Duvalier to any victim under his government and forgive his enenemies so we can move on. We don't need America to lecture us on who should be in Haiti or not. Can we tell America who should be in its country or not?

We are an independent country although occupied by foreign forces but we will not surrender our sovereignty to any country as they may wish. America needs to leave us alone and Obama should stop playing the foolish crap of those CIA agents in Haiti...

Toulimen, February 16 2011, 5:08 PM

Topic: Aristide and Duvalier's Return Will Cause Greater Turmoil To Haiti

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Samba, 18-Feb-11 4:21 pm


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