Haitian Bourgeoisie Says No To Resettlement of Haitian Diaspora in Haiti

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The Mezvinsky Family as known as Mevz in Haiti opposes to the idea of the resettlement of Haitians in Haiti.

This family maintains this idea will be a job killing for Haiti.

They maintain that Haiti should keep its diaspora out of Haitian like the Jews in Israel do it. Among the five richest families, it is said the return of the Haitian to help with the reconstruction of Haiti is not an option on the table and they have warned both candidates not to argue on this topic during their campaign in Haiti.

Leonel Fernandel told them that if they are not ready to receive their diaspora, he will promote tourism along the Haitian Borders to attract them and Haiti will lose more than it can gain by keeping them out of the country.

He said his university along the border will be a great asset for the Haitian Diaspora who wants to help both countries in the education area. He was begging them on behalf of the Haitian Diaspora Federation but his plea was unsuccessful.

We should launch a Facebook operation to dismantle the Haitian Bourgeoisie if you all really want to return to Haiti.

For Brandt, Gregory Mevz, Dimitri Accra, Vitiello and Vorbes to name a few, the exile option is forever for the Haitian Diaspora...

Think and think twice if you want to return to Haiti in a near future.

You will be killed by armed gangs financed by the richest families in Haiti.

Think and think twice, you exile is forever.

You are OUT forever!

Toulimen, February 15 2011, 7:36 PM

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Enough is enough, and the Haitians in Haiti understand it too. We should all call for an operation to overthrow the... read more >
Frantz, 15-Feb-11 7:42 pm
We will return and they will be out for sure like those rich Cubans in Miami ok read more >
Sandra, 15-Feb-11 9:06 pm
I will start a war on my own with them for sure. Years back for my info,Haitians diaspora were hunted like ducks in... read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 16-Feb-11 9:26 am
It is sad to hear that the Haitian elites want all Haitians who are living in the diaspora to live outside of Haiti... read more >
Toulimen, 16-Feb-11 4:02 pm
We cannot be out forever. Mevzvinsky as known as Mevz cannot keep all of us out of Haiti forever ok. We will be... read more >
Martial, 18-Feb-11 4:55 pm
Martial, We need to be together for succes. Well planned tactics and deep investigation to target the key individual... read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 18-Feb-11 6:40 pm
We need to keep our confidentiality when visiting or resettling in Haiti. The CIA's killing machine gets all our IPs... read more >
Milka, 18-Feb-11 7:05 pm
CIA are people too, They can be kill too just like anybody.The idea, people should work independently in group of 5... read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 18-Feb-11 7:30 pm
We need to educate Haitians and watch all foreigners in their activities in Haiti to avoid internal divisions... read more >
Toulimen, 18-Feb-11 7:53 pm
In Your Dreams. read more >
Rooster, 19-Feb-11 12:46 pm
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