Ablerooster, Please get a grip to yourself, will you? I knew...

Tiba - February 15 2011, 6:23 AM


Please get a grip to yourself, will you?

I knew all along you were not a white men and you were not far from some kind of Haitian descent, but just couldn't put my finger on it.

Ablerooster, there are tons of Haitians out there with their skin as black as a tire and charcoal cane barely speak a word of English/French/Spanish depending on the country they're living in, and those who can speak one word or 2, their accent is so heavy it can crack your ear drum, and yet these Haitians keep presenting themselves as everything else there is on the planet but Haitian.

There is a big dumb stupid Haitian where I live who's been in this country long before Jesus Christ came. He can barely read and speak any English at all but everytime I see him and asked him about himself, what's going on in his life, etc. etc...his very first comment to me always is "man I just came back from Canada 2 days ago." He presents himself as Canadian and everyone (American) who knows him really believes he is Canadian.

Haiti is having such a hard time to come back to life because too many Haitians overseas are living in denial and in the ambarrassment of being Haitians, and therefore, refuse to get involved so they won't disappoint their foreign friends.

These Haitians get in the critic bandwagon as a tangible fashion to impress and prove to their friends how mcu they are NOT Haitians.

What these Haitians don't realize and understand is that no matter what mask they cover their faces with, all the criticism and the insults throwing at Haitians do hit them in the face too.

It's like the ol'saying "You can run but you cannot hide." Being Haitian is something that will always stick on all Haitians' forhead whereever they go. Sooner or later people will discover that these Haitians have been living a lie, a "wannabe", which would make them nothing but a fake and false pretences.

Why would Haitians native natal, who are living outside of the country, who don't believe that they are Haitians anymore, would get involved enough to help rebuild their country, Haiti?

These are the types of uncle Toms who sit back waiting for foreigners to do the work for them and then they would start coming out of their shell to be Haitians again.

Ablerooster, I want you to know that this message is not directed to you especially but rather to all Haitians who are living abroad denying their Haitian roots.

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