Rooster, Chicken or whatever your name is, What is your...

Marjorie Middy - February 14 2011, 5:53 PM

Rooster, Chicken or whatever your name is,
What is your problem?

Nobody twists your arm to blog here. If you don't like this blog, just quit; End of your story.

Haiti does not deserve your spiteful comments.

It seems like you are a miserable person.

Your "Nubian" princess must have been bored with you. While waiting for your food, (Surf&Turf, lock of imagination, where did you go "Red Lobster?) should not you be in an intimate conversation with her?

It looks like she (if she exists) is a school girl. She does not have an opinion of hers yet. The kind that would go for you anyway,(dumb and uninformed).

Are you gay?

Why do you go for impersonal relationship?

You don't seem to be truly involved with that "Nubian".

All you can talk about is her ethnicity and her lock of knowledge about Haiti, her neighbor.

You are between 46 and 51 years of age, man; You seem empty psychologically and developmentally.

How wounded are you, veteran?

I hope this girl get away from you before you seriously hurt her...

Your relationship with Haitians typifies the one between Haiti and USA. Do you see why a union between Haiti and USA on a sustainable level can't materialize?

A relationship between these two Countries are impossible because America has a problem in seeing Haiti as an equal.

Without equality and respect, only an exploitative relation is possible; like the one, I suspect you are having with this Bahamanian...

Good luck in finding happiness and maturity.

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I am blogging while I am waiting for my surf-n-turf...



Mr. rooster, I don't think you understand too much about Haitian history and culture and I would suggest you keep your...

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Oh....She's my Equal, I can guarantee that!

The REASON America can't see Haiti as an equal is...

She's 43 :)

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