Ablerooster, Haiti must make a choice between the Protectorate...

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Ablerooster, Haiti must make a choice between the Protectorate or an Independent State Associated with the United States for any economic progress to occur in Haiti.

In today's world, there is no independent country that can stand on its own with the growing pressure of transnational corporations.

Actually, the European countries group themselves under a Common European Market to stop the United States or Russia's agressivity against them. Twenty countries join the European Union in surrendering their sovereignty to this strong international body. They always use their national laws but if their laws cannot solve a conflict with another country despite any signed treaties, the European Parliament Law takes precedence.

The European Union imitates the U.S. Federalism System to become a strong union.

They use a common monetary system and a common court system for any international disputes with any EU or non EU members.

Do you imagine a strong country like France surrenders its national sovereignty to the European Union Body for greater protection in the World?

Can you imagine a great country like Germany does the same?

And they are 20 countries all along.

They are all European Countries and they are sharing same territorial Boundaries.

Should we join them for greater protection?

Or should we join the United States or the British for greater protection?

Are we closer to Europe or the United States?

Why should we go beyond our borders for protection when greater protection when that same protection is available in the region?

Haiti can play a role into this debate as a leader to shape its future for economic progress to occur.

Haiti has a choice to make before any progress can occur.

That is what is all about...

Petrus, February 13 2011, 12:54 PM


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