i love you haiti all ways and for ever

Mardona Pierre - July 31 2007, 2:48 PM

hi mrs preval.

i iam a haitian and i have a problum with the way you ar running the country.you let american goverment just com in the country and take averry thing we have. haiti has a goverment.

american goverment is sopouse to aske the haitan gaverment.can they have permesoin to com in the country.

c we can just com in to ther country like that.ther goverment dont respec haitian for ho we ar. america now just traying to take control of little countrys ho cant help them salfe.

insted of helping them they dont care.now i love my country.and i have no problume with you.but haitians need to put ther haeds togeter so we can move forwerd.you personaly need god bay your saed is becouse that we as haitians turn away from god. untill we now that god was the one ho put us here and the only one that can help us.the country is going no were.you have to put god frist in everry thing you do. in it has to be a good thing.and you have to tray to worck wigth haitians like your salfe.like presedent aristide couse he was doing a good thing.but u.s presedent didnt like hime so they took him out and kiiled some of hes pepol.now the country needs help we need to put are heads togeter.

we need to stop killing one a nother.

thats one of the biges problums.and kidnapping you and the goverment need to do somthing a bout it. haiti needs a strong police force.with good wepons.and cars. haiti needs a good and strong nayvi and a armi. i love my country and my countrys music.

we as haians and the goverment need to do som thing.you have to open your iyes.you have to be smart you have to no when som one is traying to use you and are country.and the voodo needs to stop. becouse to muche pepol is going to the devil and voodo.

in sted of god.god is coimg we need to go back to hime hes the only one ho can help us you have to stay in prayer.

remeber when you haed that hart problum.that was the devil.and god gave you back your life.dont be scard to die for your country or for god. bucouse he wasnt scard to die for you.may the peace of god be with all ways and for ever

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Phabyola M. says...

Ok whomever wrote this need to check their spelling error or just write in creole. Please next time write the language... more »

Jean Pe says...

Madona Pierre, although you made spelling errors, yet you are rights. People who mad because of your English spelling... more »

Jean Pe says...

Although, Mardona English spelling errors are bad, and you are rights, but I understood what he/ she has talked about... more »