Preval Should Take Note and Learn from Egypt!

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The year 2010 was a year of natural desasters all over the world, and this year of 2011 will be a year of revolution around the world.

People have enough and they're saying no more!

No government can stand from the people's anger.

Power is addictive and those dictators, tyrants, authoritarian, oppressors, and mercenary governments must understand one very important fundamental tru of governance is to treat, provide, and serve your citizens/people with the utmost respect, consideration, and first of all like first class citizens in order to stay in power.

I hope Preval Haiti will be the next in line to go down and carried away in a carton box after being hung on a mango tree.

Tiba, February 11 2011, 5:48 PM

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This will not solve our priblems anyway. Haitians should step up in toppling the Haitian Bourgeoisie for a... read more >
Petrus, 11-Feb-11 6:41 pm
one of the palms tree in the front of the palace will do just fine. i don't think we should pollute a mango tree. read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 12-Feb-11 6:38 am


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