Baron, points well taken. At this point, I just wish Haitians...

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points well taken.

At this point, I just wish Haitians would overlook our differences and start to build some trust in each other to come with workable solutions to move the country forward.

maybe set up some kind of fund where Haitians can contribute and start helping with the rebuilding of Haiti.

I mean the diaspora send about 2 billions to their family and friends in Haiti, I am sure we can stretch in our budget and collect at 100-500 million to invest in Haiti's infrastructure, health, education and agriculture.

the crazy thing is there is enough haitians in Haiti and abroad that can fix Haiti's issues.

I don't what it would take for us to stop being so divisive.

I think most Haitian folks are decent people who wants to see the country move forward, whether old bourgois, new bourgois, black/mulatre, middle class, poor. it's just we have different ideas oh how to change it. I have yet to meet a Haitian that say they love Haiti the way it is. I thought the earthquake would brought us together and for a moment it did, until these damn elections.

Until we haitians start to trust and learn to empathize with each other and see each other point of view, i don't see how we will move forward.

I don't think all the Elites in Haiti are the worst in the world, at this point Im tired of people always having this war between the Haves and Have Nots of Haiti, the poor are starving and the rich get kidnap.

what will it takes for us to realize that we are the only ones who can better the country, the internationals have their own interests to protect and fixing haiti is not their priority, maybe we have already realized that but will we start working together to make haiti a liveable country where everyone flee whether for political asylum or economical asylum.

when you think about haiti too long, it's depressing.

Jynee, February 11 2011, 11:39 AM


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