Rooster, It's not so much American intervention but the US has...

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It's not so much American intervention but the US has to radically change its policies toward Haiti.

I am sure the US has many things to offer Haiti but the way they have been going about it is all wrong.

Instead of USAID dispersing money to various different NGOs that do the same thing.

why not just open a rebuilding fund and centralized the aid. instead of sending aid workers who's real job is knowing how to beg for more money, why not sent actual american experts in different fields from agriculture, education, health, law, business enforcement and environmentalist, infrastructure experts to work alongside the Haitian ministers and develop a national plan, the Us would still be using its money to pay US goods and Services but services that would go to strengthen haiti public administrations.

why give red cross 470 million bucks, why not ship american made heavy duty equipment so haitian can break the concrete themselves, Haiti need machinery, technology and real life experts not globe trotters who flock from one hell hole on earth to another without leaving any impact.

these globe trotters enjoy living outside their country that's why they are not rushing to fix the place and go home. why not use the aid money to pay for hard working americans including haitian americans who speak the language and understand the culture, then I can see Haiti pulling itself by its bootstrap with the help of its neighbor besides helping haiti get onits feet is best for US anyway, if the country is doing well no need to come sneak in the US illegally and if the country is stable then they can put their factories.

i am not against factories but it can't be the only option, you can't pay someone $3 bucks a day when a plate of food is $3.25 a day

Jynee, February 10 2011, 8:21 PM


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