Toulimen, I can tell you're about to blow a gasket very soon...

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I can tell you're about to blow a gasket very soon if you don't take a deep breath and cool off.

It always amazes me when Haitians keep comparing Haitian behaviors, thinking process, mentality, etc. etc...

to those of white people.

Haitians tend to put white people high on a pedestal as if they are pure and perfect and black people including Haitians are a bunch of uncivilized ignorant brainless creatures who are not even worth considered human.

Well, this is what's called "Inferiority/Superiority Complex."

Toulimen, your description of Haitians is no different from the white's. Take a close look at white people behaviors, mentality, their interaction with others, what's coming out of their mouths, the way the treating others, their behaviors since the birth of the Tea party during the last election, etc. would notice they are not any different from blacks and Haitians either.

They only difference is that white people seem to have God's giving rights to behave, do, and say as they're pleased and must be accepted.

However, there is one thing that I would agree with though is that while white people are talking trash and acting like uncivilized, they are doing their best to build things and try to make their country a much better place to live while black people and Haitians especially stand still in a idle mode waiting for foreigners to come and fix their country for them.

Toulimen, you need to understand and take this medium interaction for what it is "an online blog site." No one has to like you, no one has to agry with you on anything, etc. etc...

and you need not to take it so personally and so hard.

Toulimen, please understand that greed is what white people thrive on. Greed is their only value there is, that's what they believe in and we just experienced the impact of greed not along with the crashing down of the US economy.

I think we need to check our "percetion, our assumption and biases" before doing any comparison of behavior and approach especially when there is a cultural element to it.

Tiba, February 10 2011, 6:21 AM

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