Feel free to identify yourself solely with Benin, since your...

Jynee - February 9 2011, 11:46 PM

Feel free to identify yourself solely with Benin, since your measure of pride is base of what white people and other foreigners think of you. only a subservient african would take it as compliment when someone insult you to your face. what is a Haitian?

and I am sure you're proud when they tell you youdon't act like those white people you act like us?

wow that's how you measure yourself worth?

How do African men treat their women?

I know plenty of African women who prefer to mary a Haitian men including my sister in law and most of her cousin who exclusively date Haitian men. violent men comes from every nationality color and creed.

white men serially rape and kill women in america every day so am I to assume all white men are serial killing rapist.

Jeffrey dahmer a white man eat people, should I then say all white men are cannibals?

I am far from ignorant and I am Haitian and I have plenty to be proud of. the white man did not free me, my ancestors died and bled and fought a revolution on their own without the help of any country.

they were shun and place under embargo, had to repay france 20billions dollard in today's money, the Us did not recognize us till 1865, till we survived.

my country is unstable and has its share of problem, should I be embarrassed to identify myself with Haiti, Never! I am 100% Haitian damn proud of it! I love my history, my food, my music, our sense of community.

say what you want, We Haitians hel each other, we work and send money home, we bring our extended family to stay with us from haiti until they get on their.

I did not grow up in a family that was ashamed to be Haitians, i grew up in a vibrant haitian community in the tri-state area, we are successfull and enjoy each others company.

I personally married a wonderful Haitian man and a great Haitian man raised me. The men in my family respect their women.

Just because your mother did not instill any Haitian pride in you does not mean that goes for all of us. My family raised me to be proud of my heritage, you spew nonsense about Haitians based on what?

your grandmother's hatred for her own race?

since you claim in your post she's the one who tells you all this stuff about hatians.

your mother hates Haitians too, is that why she married your father?

please let me know what trajic chilhood issues you have tomake you despise Haitians to this point.

have you met all the ten millions haitians that you deem are ignorants?

I don't know your haitian circle, but mine is full with hard-working men and women in business, law, academia and the health fields.

Do you have any idea how many succefull influential Haitians that exist just right here in the US and I am not talking about Wyclef either.

in every culture, there are decent people and triffling people as well as self hating people.

How are you biracial, last I check many slave that landed in haiti came out Benin, so how are you a different race from haitian?

haitians are free people, there's nothing tribal about us, you little of Haitians people.

Please quit referring to yourself as haitian, you can keep it as your deep dark secret and you won't have feel shame around the whites you so desperately want to please.

After you spew all this ignorant madness, you still think you qualify to call anyone ignorant?


Remember Hitler was half Jewish! so spare me the I'm half haitian therefore I can villify haitians.

Stay away from Haitians until you can learn to approach us with respect!

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