Haiti's Economic Revolution

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The reason Haiti won its independence is because all of us Haitians fought together alongside one another regardless of class or skin complexions.

I don't care if you are white, mulattos, light, brown, dark, member of the old bourgeoisie, new bourgeoisie, middle class, working class, poor, urban, country, living in haiti, living in diaspora(in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, until we ignore our differences and acknowledge that we are all Haitians and we all need one another, the country will stay as is.

Haiti is stuck in this quagmire because we Haitians refuse to work together to come with positive solutions to move the country forward.

It is not the job of the international community to fix Haiti, their job is to protect their interests and that's what they have been doing since Christopher Columbus landed in haiti in 1492. that's why he called Hispaniola for Spain because Spain funded his trip.

NGOs in haiti are watching out for the interests of the Country who send them. keeping Haiti bearable enough so the people don't revolt, or worse climb in boats and head out to surrounding countries.

Whether Dominican Republic or USA, no one wants an influx of poor black in their country.

but everyone can trample in Haiti like its their God given rights! from the dominican prostitute to the fat American NGO director enjoying our beautiful beaches.

When will we haitian learn to trust each other and build our own funds to lend to Haiti so we wont be slaves to US and IMF and world bank. I am tired of my country being ridicule and an object of pity. our culture is vilified and we have become an object of scorn because we refuse to overlook our differences and say Enough! we all know if you want something to be done right, you have to do it your own selves.

If we want Haiti to move forward, we, Haitians, have to do it.

If we can send 2 billion dollars a year to Haiti to our families, surely we can find some extras and raise 500 millions for a development fund to focus on real agricultural solutions.

We can help the rice producers produce enough rice to feed the country.

we can raise enough funds to expand our education system, health care, and even tackle infrastructure.

instead we took a back seat in the bus, while the internationals run the show. why do they get to run the show?

obviously, because they are paying for it.

Our ancestors died to give us freedom, they revolted and break the chain of slavery and kicked their masters out, when are we Haitians going to rise up and break the yoke of economic slavery, when will revolt and lead the economic revolution.

I am pretty sure Dessalines and Petion are turning in their graves right as we pasively sit and wait for foreigners to fix Haiti for us.

Did foreigners gave us our liberty, so why the hell would they give us economic freedom?

What are we waiting for another Bois Cayiman ceremony?

someone get the pig then! L'Union fait la Force!

Jynee, February 9 2011, 2:33 PM

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