Some people will tell you this: All those countries are light...

Toulimen - February 6 2011, 1:43 PM

Some people will tell you this: All those countries are light skinned or white colored countries and that is why they got restored after those devastation wars through the American Marshall Plan. Ask yourself a question, what did Haiti do after the World War II to rescue it like those countries?

You cannot give money to crooks and moron bourgeois when you know that money will be wasted to thievery.

That is why Haiti has not been rescued for years.

It will take good will and an outside Haitian politician to make Haiti turn the page of its history.

I do not hate the international community for their advanced weaponry system or vaccines diseases' technology to control their populations but I hate their hypocritical game playing into Haitian politics that favor most of those Moron Haitian Bourgeois...I hope that you understand my point of view and concerns about Haiti.

I am not proning any hatred against any particular country per se rather I am denouncing the political game playing to save Haiti in the political mess that it has found himself in...

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Toulimen, Tiba, Marjorie, PLEASE here me out: This...


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