Good point Toulimen: (I guess the canotation of your username...

Moderateur - February 5 2011, 10:08 PM

Good point Toulimen: (I guess the canotation of your username does not go without merit.) I am with you on that point.

If you and I can see this, why not all of us do something about that?

Aristide some way some how attempted to call the shots on those Beourgois, but the whole movement was miscontrued because he was going against a very powerful force that has been established since the country's inception..

(la bourgeoisie Haitienne).

This needs to be an ongoing struggle.

Perhaps this whole movement needs to be the start of an internal revolution

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I will encourage Leonel Fernandel to deport all those...


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I think that we should call for an internal...

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