Boycotting the Bourgeoisie will not mean a lot unless you can...

Marjorie Middy - February 5 2011, 9:58 PM

Boycotting the Bourgeoisie will not mean a lot unless you can back it up with some muscles...You people don't know what to do so anything goes.
Your best bet would have been to NEGOTIATE with your leaders.

If they are unhappy, they can leave altogether.

You will be left with the same brain drain of 30 years ago.The International Community will own Haiti for good. Now, who suffers! THINK before you ACT. What you are proposing is very dangerous to Haiti.

This time there will not be any boats to take, America is watching.

All you will do in the midst of it all is creating jobs for American Coast Guards.

You all can stay in your safe haven elsewhere.

It is nice to do arm-chair revolution while others suffer in Haiti.

America is facing some severe economic jolts.

Mass immigration is not an option.

Can we all think positive for once?

We would like to CREATE more jobs.
We don't want to eradicate existing ones.
So you want to boycott and distract the very small jobs that Haiti has.
What is next?

International Community demands an embargo?

What is the next step?

If your life is so boring, then how about developing or joining an organization to give your life meaning?

If you truly want it to be successful, don't start with anything grandiose.

Think big, start small.

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