You are right Ablerooster. Vietnam was colonized by the French...

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You are right Ablerooster.

Vietnam was colonized by the French and their literacy rate was 95% and higher than Haiti.

The Vietnam government promoted a national educational reform in 1975 to make all Vietnamese schools teach Vietnamese and they had given foreign language status to all other languages starting as french as the first foreign language there.

Now, all Vietnamese are literate and there is no place for illiteracy in their culture.

I am among the 15% of those Haitians who write, read and speak French fluently and I am for the educational reform in Haiti to eradicate the high illiteracy rate in Haiti.

Whoever is fighting with you on this topic is a lost French citizen in Haiti.

They like colonization more than the former colonial masters and more than the modern France.

French citizens in France and in the Caribbean do not recognize Haiti as a French speaking country and I do not know what this guy is arguing about.

Haiti has a status of Auditor among all French countries' association until they bring their French speaking quota up to 70%.

After 206 years of Haiti's history, they have brought to 15% and do you think they will be able to achieve such a high quota to be qualified as a French speaking country?

For another 206 years, they will have may be 30% and that means Haitians reject French as their teaching and official language.

The French teaching in Haiti fails all Haitians and we should eliminate it as an official teaching language period.

It should be classed as a foreign language and all Haitians if they want should earn 3 French credits along with another foreign languages such as English, Spanish, Bambara, Zulu, Fulani, Igbo to graduate from High School.

If the new educational reform plan does not see the need to educate all Haitians in Creole we should boycott and eliminate it as well. That will be my campaign in the next coming years in Haiti and Haitians should be free at last after 206 years of their liberation...

Toulimen, February 5 2011, 2:49 PM

Topic: Haitian Bourgeoisie and Enslavement Mentality

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You are right Ablerooster. Vietnam was colonized by the French and their literacy rate was 95% and higher than Haiti... read more >
Toulimen, 5-Feb-11 2:49 pm
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