I am a straight talker and I am telling you the truth...

Toulimen - February 1 2011, 8:08 PM

I am a straight talker and I am telling you the truth.

Haitians are the ones that open their doors to any imperialistic countries to manipulate them as they saw fit. Haitians need to know what is good for them and they need to look forward and not backward.

I will not reform the Haitian educational to break up with France or any other current countries on board.

I will go to France to speak about educating Haitians in their own language and you will see how much help I will get in the current modern France.

With a well structured foreign language department into Haiti's educational system, you will see how many Fench, English, Spanish, and West African experts to name a few I will get on board.

When Haiti will implement a bilingual quota in all its schools, you will see how many experts that will come on board to help. Haitians need to be serious about themselves if they want to compete with other nations around the world.

I want Haitians to be Haitians and not French lost citizens in Haiti or American and Canadian lost citizens in Haiti.

In 2020, Haitians will be themselves and they will face another page of their history with Toulimen.

I have no hatred for any nations and I will welcome all on board with tears in my eyes to tell them this enough is enough for Haitians deserve better and can do better as well...What makes the United States impose its will on others is its technological advancements and we should praise them for their leadership in shaping and changing the world.

If one is ignorant Americans will not help that person but if you are smart and intelligent I believe they will be glad to help you. American people are not that dangerous but its CIA operative secret system is the one to fear for there is no difference between them and Ben Laden and that is why the latter will never be found alive.

CIA equals Ben Laden and Ben Laden equals CIA...I know they are planning to kill me but the one who is able to kill me will get killed that same way...

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