Good Ablerooster, Let me tell you then, you are lucky to be...

Marjorie Middy - February 1 2011, 6:56 PM

Good Ablerooster, Let me tell you then, you are lucky to be able to UNDERSTAND what I said.
That is the difference between you and me; I am not trying to be White.

I am very pleased with who I am. I know where home is, this is why I am able to fly away and come back with ease.
Sorry to break it to you this way Raymond: This is the new trend with upper-class Americans; Young adults and children are being sent to every part of the world each and every summer and sometimes year long throughout the globe so that they can learn to RESPECT other people, their cultures and languages.

Nobody wants to be lily White anymore, don't you get it?

The world has changed, Raymond, leaving you in the dust frantically screaming as we say in my birth Country: Leogane, Leogane, Leogane Darbonne.

Your type of patriotism was appropriate early last century.

American leadership today requires people who are able to think and analyze a situation objectively in layers and in plurals.

In your case, yes, you should have ONE passport, more than one would have been too confusing to you.
Ablerooster, I am not wealthy, I am just a regular upper-class-Haitian-American.

No, sir, I was not in Cannes, I was taking a break from developing programs to introduce middle-class values and income to your compatriots coming out from jails...

I was with like-minded people, down town Paris discussing issues around the world over good food and good wine.
I am a people person, not a nihilist, unlike you.
Thank you for your invitation on calling you, I am afraid that I am taking a rain check.

If you are an American, you are familiar with the term "Sexual Harassment".

Just because I am a female blogger does not give you the right to treat me any differently than the male counterparts.

I am not saying that is the start of a law suit. But be advised, as this is a strong warning.

I have nothing against you, but let's not talk again as it seems that we only get the worst of each other.

Wish you luck and happy blogging!

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