This is Able Rooster. Tiba, contrary to what you may think, I...

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This is Able Rooster.

Tiba, contrary to what you may think, I genuinely believe that WE Americans(meaning YOU and I, and everyone else lucky enough to be here, including me) DO owe Haiti.

I also believe strongly in the idea of reparations to the decendants of American slaves.

Haiti got screwed by a multitude of circumstances and racially motivated foreign policy for 200-plus years.

It is FIT AND PROPER THAT America mount a NON-INTRUSIVE effort to rebuild the country.

I have all kinds of ideas.

Housing is a major issue, and should dominate the discussions of our leaders.

A booming "RV" industry in America could supply much semi-temporary to even semi-permanent housing, paid for by donor dollars being wasted now. Haiti gets good homes by the tens of thousands, and American industry gets to actually make something besides cheeseburgers and movies! We both know it's all about money.

We just need to make sure we direct expenditures in the proper directions...

Also, GOD BLESS YOUR SONS, and may they return to the "World" (as we called the States overseas) unharmed, and ready to reap the rewards of their Courageous Endeavour.

I believe if America quit wasting money in the Middle East, we could help Our Haitian Cousins far more effectively.

Haiti has the potential to be the Miracle of this century! I enjoy our discourse Tibo, and I appreciate your forbearance on my many sour words before.

Thank you for your time.

Ablerooster, January 31 2011, 4:22 PM

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This is Able Rooster. Tiba, contrary to what you may think, I genuinely believe that WE Americans(meaning YOU and I... read more >
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