Duvalier was born in Haiti although the FRENCH GOVERNMENT...

Toulimen - January 29 2011, 1:21 AM

Duvalier was born in Haiti although the FRENCH GOVERNMENT stated that it received him there as a French Citizen from its overseas territory meaning Guadeloupe or Ste-Lucie where his father came from. Today, Duvalier proves to the French government that they were wrong and he was born in Haiti and he would not trade his native country to a foreign country.

After that devastated earthquake that took the lives of so many people and destroyed so many businesses and houses, Haiti needs everyone to rebuild.

Asking why Jean-Claude is back to his country is a waste of time. Georges W. Bush who invaded a country with no reason and who got a president of another country killed on his behalf remains in the U.S. and no one wants him to be trialed and judged too in order not to create a precedent within the American presidential history.

Why should we bother by Jean-Claude's presence in Haiti?

One thing I know is this :we do not know anything about this guy. Look how the U.S. is supporting Mubarak after 30 years and they did support Duvalier like him too. Duvalier cannot speak for himself for he can get killed by the CIA's killing machine in Haiti.

With the great killing power of the CIA, guns and poisons have no borders and anyone can get killed at any time. They are on this blog spying on us and even myself can get killed anytime, but I don't care for dying today or tomorrow to me will be the same. Who believes that tomorrow will be better?

Killing me is a victory for me and my blood will be on the hands of a criminal who will get killed that same way. I am telling them the truth and I will continue until I lose my last breath.

Leave Duvalier alone and he is very welcome in his country and the end of his exile.

He says that he is back to help his country, let him help for it is never too late to do great things in this life and I hope that you understand it...


Retour de Duvalier/ Duvalier's return

English follows. Je me demande vraiment pourquoi Jean-Claude Duvalier est retourné en Haïti actuellement...

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