New York Times: The Awaiting of the Grand Bayakou in Haiti

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The word bayakou came from one of the African tribes named Bayaka that was brought to Hispaniola by the French Colonizers.

Those people are related to the Dogon tribe in Mali and they live in Desdunes and all around that town. Bayakans are known for latrines cleaners and sorcerer priests too. They can kill you for any mistakes that you may have with them. For the New York Times to use such a title like that against Haiti is very derogatory to Haiti and all Haitians and this means that Haiti is a latrine country where all Haitians are latrines' people.

And no one says nothing and there was no protest aginst New York Times for the use of such a word to talk about Haitian politics.

If it were under Jean-Claude Duvalier they would get sued and that word would be banished from their mouth.

I posted that article on this web to see what Haitian bloggers could say and no one has said nothing meaning that all Haitians are latrine cleaners and Haiti is a latrine country.

When Haitians will stop others from discriminating them in such a manner?

Are we awaiting a Grand Bayakou as reported on a New York Times article?

Are you all Bayakous?

Toulimen, January 28 2011, 8:33 PM

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Toulimen, I hope you are not paying any attention to that "Petrus" person. I am pretty sure that you are smart to... read more >
Marjorie Middy, 28-Jan-11 8:51 pm
I am trying to see if I can track him down. This is not the time for divisions here on this blog. We may disagree on... read more >
Toulimen, 28-Jan-11 10:55 pm
If New York Times can say that it is because they believe Haiti is a latrines' country where all Haitians are... read more >
Adams, 29-Jan-11 11:35 am
No body care if somebody like u talk like that about a place where your parents from.It so unfortunate that place... read more >
Richelle, 30-Jan-11 6:04 am
Oh ok I see,I was so upset to reply to your comment without finish reading it.And went back to read it again,then find... read more >
Richelle, 30-Jan-11 7:19 am
Adams! Adams! Adams! You are the prime example of the typical uncle Tom of the world! I would assure you that Haiti... read more >
Tiba, 30-Jan-11 8:08 am
Toulimen, You said "This Petrus keeps voicing revolution and that is not what we are debating now and if he does not... read more >
Tiba, 30-Jan-11 9:12 am
Tiba, we can always have a social revolution occured in Haiti but not in the middle of this chaos my brother. People... read more >
Toulimen, 30-Jan-11 2:21 pm
There is no pride being Haitians and African Americans. May be one day, Haitians will get their pride back when they... read more >
Adams, 30-Jan-11 2:52 pm
I don't deny any of your allegations but I am not a beggar and cannot be a beggar too. America is the obstacle to... read more >
Toulimen, 30-Jan-11 3:02 pm
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