Should we Transform Haiti to an Evolutive Society like America?

Toulimen - January 26 2011, 11:45 AM

Tiba, I am not attached to any white conservative views and I am not a Christian at all. I am an Afro-Buddhist person myself and my wisdom is not dictated by any bible, Torah or Guran books.

My wisdom came from the natural laws and I believe in interconnection between all natural elements on earth.

I said it over and over that I do not hate gays and I do not accept the criminalization of the gay people at all due to the fact they are the victims of scientific advancements in an evolved society like America.

Tiba, which result process with gives you a man with 100% male chromosomes and unable to reproduce and vice versa for a female with 100% female chromosomes unable to reproduce as well?

What role does the parity of X (Father) and Y (Mother) chromosomes play into the reproductive process of any human being?

I cannot be a Judeo-Christian or Christian in this world.

We are part of processes Tiba whether you like it or not. Some processes are natural and some are man made and unnatural.

Where does homosexuality fit into a natural process and an unnatural one?

Should we transform Haiti into an evolved society like America?

An evolved society is dynamic and it is progressive and many changes can occur in it and people should educate themselves while they are coping with those new changes?

Should we bring Haiti into this equation which will bring more suffering to others and it is costly too?

Should we create our own stable society with few or minor changes or should we focus to equip all Haitians with the basic necessities of life while staying away from the evolution process?

Please argue on those questions and I do not espouse any views at all. I am an Afro-Buddhist and I see myself as a centrist in the middle of this debate.

However, in the United States, I am for more rights for all minorities including the 3% of homosexuals, but for Haiti I am a little conservative and I do not want to bring this painful process to them. We can do better.

We can adopt the sterilization to prevent some uneducated and irresponsible people from procreating like cockroaches.

If you are poor and uneducated and refuse to get a job, you can have sex with anyone but having children on your own to make them suffer more than you for your laziness will not be acceptable.

I will not kill them with diseases but I will prevent them from procreating as irresponsible people.

I will emphasize on education by creating a lot of schools all around the country, develop the agriculture, and build more roads and bridges while I am regulating the behavior of my population Tiba.
I will not espouse the homosexual process philosophy to reduce my population.

We cannot prevent discrimination from occurring into our society but we can opt for some kind of discrimination judged acceptable among some people.

For instance, if I am poor and uneducated, I do not need children and I will accept it too. The day I will decide to have a child, I will educate myself and I will get a job to be a responsible person.

Treatment will be available to people who are discriminated by the sterilization vaccine.

Well, they have to prove that they are educated and they are working to undergo such a treatment which will not be free at all. I will not choose homosexuality as an option Tiba for homosexuality to reduce the Haitian population and if I had to become president of Haiti I would provide free treatment to all future gays to reverse this process ok.
I am not a Christian, Jew, Muslim and Voodooer but I love all those religions and why should we change people's views of God to integrate a process that is not natural into their lives?

That is why the Muslim World is in rebellion with the Judeo-Christianism.

That is why you have the terrorism fight and their fight is against the United States the pursuer of homosexual dreams and the exporter as well. I am not a terrorist, but talking to many conservatives they will tell you that the liberal homosexual agenda put them into this fight.

Where do you stand?

I am neither a conservative nor a liberal person; I am a centrist and an Afro-Buddhist period.

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