Toulimen, You know well how much I respect and value your...

Tiba - January 25 2011, 6:27 AM


You know well how much I respect and value your opinion on almost every topic you talk about on this blog, but on this one.

First, you lost me completely.

I am very confused due to load of ambiguity on your writing of this pice. Just when I thought that I got it, I got your point, I know where you stand, then bing! I got lost again.

I really don't know where you stand on this issue.

This is pure paranoia and delusion!

Nontheless, let me say that Mr. Joel Osteen, who is without a doubt a republican, is full of sh8t. If I look very hard and long enough, I would wihtout, find that Mr. Osteen is a cheater; you know, those who cheat on their wives.

According to the bible, cheating is a "Capital" sin, the biggest and the worse sin condemned to death by stoning.

How many Republicans who cheat on their wives and who are homosexuals and who have experiemented homoxexual activities?

Almost ALL of them.

Hypocricy is also a sin, according to the bible.

If homoxexuality is a danger to the church, to families, and to the society, then all republicans would have to be exterminated from the face of the earth.

Please, for the love of God stop the nonsense.

I would advice all those who are struggling with paranoia, delusion, schizophrenia, and hallucination disorders to get help. There are very good medications out there that can really help manage this terrible mental illness.

Homoxexuality is not what indangering the church, families, and the society, but rather those fear monger homophobians out there.

This is the 21st and I thought we all were supposed to be civilized by now?

I guess I was wrong.


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