You were among the ones that cut down our sacred trees in 1915...

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You were among the ones that cut down our sacred trees in 1915 with the American invasion of Haiti to eradicate Voodoo.

You are among the ones that are destroying Haiti like New Orleans to eradicate Voodoo and shame on you. I praise the Haitian elites for keeping those untested highly chemical foods sitting on that port for you to eat. We are poor but we are not ignorant like many among the minorities in America.

Those highly chemical foods that will make Haitians develop cancer, cardiovascular diseases and other infectious diseases will return to America for you to eat. We have dignity and pride and we will not let them distribute those disease foods in Haiti.

America is the one that keeps dividing us so Haiti can remain its political backyard country for medicines and foods' experiments.

As Michaelle Jean states it Haiti cannot be a laboratory of experimentations' country for the imperialistic powers of the world.

If we did not join America on 1862, we would be a better country.

America is responsible for Haiti's internal divisions, destruction of its land as well as its high illiteracy rate. I am calling on all Haitians to unite themselves to save Haiti so rats like you will not come on our shore to divide us anymore.

Tiba, Middy, Toulimen and others please do not respond to the postings of this CIA Skunk Ok!

Samba, January 22 2011, 10:56 AM

Topic: Aristide Must Come Back Before A Republican President Gets Elected In U.S.

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Toulimen, 22-Jan-11 10:43 am
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Samba, 22-Jan-11 10:56 am
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Cluade, 23-Jan-11 12:29 am
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Tiba, 23-Jan-11 8:48 am
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Toulimen, 23-Jan-11 9:25 am
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Bryan Murphy, 24-Jan-11 11:52 am
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Negsanyan, 24-Jan-11 7:19 pm
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