Haitians Read All Toulimen's Postings To Have Info On America

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As listed in his postings, the Division Forces are enormous than the Union Forces in Haiti.

The imperialistic powers such as U.S., France and Canada have spies all over to prevent us from uniting.

We need to educate ourselves so we can unite to save Haiti.

Those dividers are among the CDC, Red Cross, NGOs and the Christian Churches.

With the Mormoni Jews, we are being watched and observed to every move in our own country.

We need to control all those foreigners in Haiti before we give them leeway to divide us again.

We will be back and they will kick us back out of the country again.

They always use our political power to do so. We can develop Haiti without them if we can design our own economic development plan. They are reading everything we are writing so they can conquer us better.

America plants its destruction seeds in Haiti so we can fight all time to live in exile.

We need to kick those hypocrits out of our Haitian politics to save Haiti.

They are rats and they know how to infiltrate us over and over. We need to control their dirty game to save Haiti.

We are poor but we are not ignorant and we have an elite that is watching over the country too.

We need to unite with our elite to save Haiti for real. We need to engage the reconciliation dialog and watch those CIA rats in every move in Haiti before they divide us again.

We do not need any diaolog against Mulattoes, dark skinned Haitians and bourgeoisie anymore.

All we need is national unity to rebuild Haiti and make it an independent country forever...

Samba, January 22 2011, 10:04 AM

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