RE: Aristide Must Come Back Before A Republican President Gets Elected In U.S.

Jean Pierre Alexandre Says...

Toulimen, you are sic in the head just like Aristide.

Aristide is doom forever.

Posted January 21 2011 at 3:28 PM

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It Is Not My Nature To Belittle Others But I Believe That You Need To Learn About America That You Do Not Know Anything At All And Haiti That You Will Never Know Anything Until You Die. Let Me Inform You About This... Toulimen 01/21/2011
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With All Due Respect, You Will Never Understand My Vision For Haiti. To Have Peace And Prosperity We Need To Forgive And Forget All Those People Who Wronged Us In The Past. One Way To End Exile To Prevent Future... Toulimen 01/21/2011
Toulimen,You Are Sic In The Head Just Like Aristide. Aristide Is Doom Forever. Jean Pierre Alexandre 01/21/2011