Whould Preval be next?

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This is the biggest charade put up by Preval in order to distract Haitians from the game that he is playing to get his son-in-law, Jude Celesting, to the presidency without anyone knowing.

However, I am all in support of Jean-Claude facing Haiti's justice providing there is such thing in Haiti.

But shouldn't Preval and Aristide face the same music too?

I know the crook, Preval, is cooking some kind of mambo jambo trick to get Jude Celestin to the presidency in order to keep him(preval) from prosecution for the mass killing he committed against Haitians and for stealing millions from the Haiti's treasury.

If you'd ask me, I think Preval should hang on a mango tree first and then prosecute him.

Tiba, January 19 2011, 6:26 AM

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