The metaphoric approach of Foreigners about Haiti is like...

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The metaphoric approach of Foreigners about Haiti is like "putting a crazy person in a straight jacket then dump him in the middle of the ocean and blame him for drowning." Well, people, you cannot have it both ways.

All talk/essays/analysis about Haiti done by foreigners has always been one sided.

This has has been the most well orchestrated conspiracy theory in the history of mankind.

For example, for decades, Haiti has been known as the country with the higest illiteracy in the world of 85% according to US, UN, and others reports.

My friend who was just a boy growing up in Haiti used to hear that report over and over. He is, today, almost in his 60s, that percentage (85%) still remains unchaged even though there have been more and more Haitians graduatiing from college and more Haitians are going to school, and there have been more schools built in Haiti.

And yes, we all agree there could/should/and must be more done to educate the entire Haitian population.

Mr. Wiarda I agree when you said "And certainly with its politically-correct orientation and fear of being labeled "racist" if it dares to tamper with Haiti's primarily Creole culture, the United State will not solve Haiti's problems." The United States cannot and will never solve Haiti's problems because the United States is the problem of Haiti.

That is exactly what the United States wanted Haiti to become.

To understand the view, you need to check the fundamental and systematic Thomas Jefferson's policy in Haiti after Haiti has abolished slavery and became the first free slave state in the world.

Mr. Wiarda, it wasn't for no reason the United States had refused to acknowledge/accept and recognize Haiti as a country free of slavery for 62 years.

Sometimes, regardless how much it hurst and disturbing it may be, foreigners have got to come to grip with the truth and reality.

Haiti has been punished for abolishing slavery and brinking civilization to the world.

The United States of America holds the eternal grudge against Haiti for abolishing slavery, and therefore, vowed to never allow Haiti amount to anything in the world.

This painful grudge is a profound reflection of US racist foreign policy in Haiti.

The United States creates the political culture that you're referring to in Haiti and the current political crisis is the tangible indication that the United States is completely in charge and has always been.

I do realize you're tiptoeing around foreign interference in Haiti's affairs without giving any specifics.

This is an approcach all foreign experts use to present their case about Haiti because it would be too painful and disturbing to really tell it like it is.

Mr. Wiarda, in August of 1992, the United States of America (George Bush, the Father), without a second thought, collapsed/destroyed completely the Haitian economy in just one month through a naval baricade and then walked away. Since then, I have never heard any foreigners mentioned it at anytime ever. And why is that?

At the time of the earthquake, there wasn't one foreign investment/factory/company/corporation in Haiti and has not been for decades.

Why hasn't anyone mentioned that?

For decades, Haiti has been under ambargoes/economic sanctions by US, UN, etc. etc...

why no one ever talked about that?

Haiti has been in isolation and alienation for decades by US, UN, France, etc...but no one ever dared mentione any of these barriers that keep a country from making progress, feeding their people, educating their people, and providing services to their citizens.

Foreigners, so-called experts, and so-called historians always look at the symptoms/the fire without paying any attention to the source because they fear to find out that they may be part of the problems and that they, too, are co-conspirators.

I disagree with you, in part, that Haiti is a hopeless case. However, I also agree with you that the salvation of Haiti lies on a political culture change.

In all faireness, in order to reach that goal, however, the United States must realize that the abolition of slavery by the Haitians was 207 years ago and it is now time to let go of the grudges, he hate, and the resentment.

The United States must also realize if we, Americans, really believe that "All Men Are Created Equal" and not a "slogan" as said in the US-constitution then the time has come for US to let Haitians live free as equal, as men, and as human beings.

We all realize and fully aware that Haitians, too, have contributed to their own demise, and therefore, they need to repent and understand the fate of their country lies in their hands and it is time for them to take responsibility of their own country.

Mr.Wiarda, Haitians are skeptic and do not trust whites and foreigners for good reasons and not because they are illiterate.

Trust is earnd.

It is up to the whites and the foreigners to create an atmosphere to earn the Haitian trust.

Mr. Wiarda, I consider myself as educated, and yet, I don't trust whites and foreigners getting into Haitians internal affairs because their interferences in Haiti's affairs always have a negative impact in Haiti and on Haitian life.

If the United States could release Haiti off that chokehold, I promise you that Haiti will finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Helping doesn't necessarily mean you have to be in charge and most importantly no country can progress, feed their people, educate their citizens in charity only.

Tiba, January 15 2011, 8:53 AM

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