It was not intentional to imply that we don't have enough...

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It was not intentional to imply that we don't have enough capable Haitians to turn Haiti around.

That would have been insulting; But rather input from non-Haitians could be beneficial to Haiti.

At any implementing stage of a project, it is good to hear from people who think differently than you do especially when the "outsiders" are not emotionally involve.

They often have different angles to the same subject.

It is good to hear from them, that does not mean we would explicitly follow their advice.

Max, I do not want to rain on your parade, bro but Aristotle has been proven faulty because the Universe is not "boundless and infinite" as we thought it was. Otherwise, we (humans) would have been to other planets already.

We just don't have proper energy, so our Universe is finite.

Yes, you are right we are sum of the parts.

This is precisely why some of us made wrong conclusion at times.i.e. sum of parts of a table: 4 legs, and a flat surface.

Some people would think if he sees a leg without seeing the whole table would argue a table is made only of legs. In order to understand the table, you have to understand the whole table.

This is what we call "circumstantial" thinking of which a lot of us are guilty of. To understand something, you must understand its whole entirety.

Then a true premise can be made from there.

I don't understand why we have to revamp our culture and traditions.

If there is a country that truly believes in traditions and culture, it IS HAITI.

It would be naive of us to think the Haitian Elite would give up without a good fight.

Yes, they are armed and they have back-up....

As far as I am concerned, I will do my part as I see fit. I take care of 24 Haitian kids who are well nourished, have proper clothing, proper housing, and are getting a good education (they are homeschooling) with 5 private teachers, 4 live-in "parents" and two tutors.

They are from 5 to 15 years old. We keep it low key because of precisely of what happened to you. We keep it on a "family" basis.

The house was not destroy during the last quake.

These kids are technologically oriented and speak German, French, English and Italian through CD's. Why these languages, because they are the "Europe Super Power".

I will not ask these kids to leave Haiti, it will be their own decision, if some of them chose to. They will be prepared to face their world as adults.

It is not always easy financially but you got to do what you got to do. I have not been in Haiti recently because I don't think that I can take it. But I send somebody every three months to replenish the house and take note on what is needed.

We have communication almost on a daily basis via phone and the Net. It gives me great pleasure to see that I can give somebody a better tomorrow.

So far, so good.

Marjorie Middy, January 6 2011, 6:29 PM

Topic: Post earthquake new house design for Haiti.

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It was not intentional to imply that we don't have enough capable Haitians to turn Haiti around. That would have been... read more >
Marjorie Middy, 6-Jan-11 6:29 pm
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