Pierre, Pouvez-vous descendre de votre cheval blanc afin que...

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Pierre, Pouvez-vous descendre de votre cheval blanc afin que nous puissions parler un peu?

Bon, d'abord et avant tout, je suis haitienne.

Rien que vous pouvez dire ou faire ne peut changer ce fait. Il n'est pas necessaire de me precher sur ce ton en ce qui concerne Haiti.

Je crois que vous etes alle un petit peu trop loin. Il est carrement demissionaire de constater que notre seule solution et notre seul refrain aux problems d'Haiti est de se retirer du monde.

Dans le cans contraire on est tous juge "esclaves".

Croyez-vous que Haiti est inassimilable?

Croyez-vous que notre seul choix est de se replier sur nous-meme?

Les valeurs traditionelles sont chic, mais il ne faut pas trop en abuser...

Having said that at the end of the day, I am Haitian still.

Nothing has changed except I have language skills which to me is just a commercial tool, I can truly add it to my CV along with other foreign languages.

Contrary to what you think, we do need to work to economically support ourselves like anybody else. Not to do so would have been "Slavery"...

How can you talk the 60's BS still about social parasites vis-a-vis work?

Hold on to your horses, man; even the "Hippies" traded their Indian braids, jeans and sandals for that Navy-blue suit and short cropped hair to flock to Wall Street to make that dollar starting from the 80's. Yes, their kids education are paid for, got nice houses away from City proper, second home in the Caribbeans or Europe, have access to good health care. The life style is not perfect but it beats the alternatives...Man, even if you are self-employed, Uncle Sam is always breathing behind your neck, meaning that there is always a "boss" to answer to. I hope you are not one of those perpetual Enfant terrible...

I wish that young Haitians abroad would make lots of money and then give a good portion of it to develop Haiti.

We all can't be in Haiti even if we could.

We need to bring new ideas and new visions home....for that we need to join hands with the rest of the world.

We know what we want, we can hand-picked.

Pierre, just what is YOUR motivation to create this new web-site?

I hope it is the right one for Haiti...

I am glad that you want to include everyone "Haitian" in your circle.

But it was a bit funny how you poke fun at Haitians who are shy of verbalizing their ethnicity.

You should ask yourself, Why?

The point is...they...should be included, after all they are Haitians...

By the way, this is not a Haitian problem, it is an "immigrant" problem.

America loves immigrant labor but does not like to share the pie equally.

That is the result of many hyphen-Americans to Americanize their names.

i.e. Wolentzky would become a Wolentz, an Ypisilanty would become a Ypsilant, you know so on and so forth.

I am wishing you good luck still with your plan for the web-site.

It sounds interesting and would prove more than valuable in a crisis.

Let us hope that we will not have a need for it. But if we do, it will be there.

My prior suggestions to you were more on an interactive level...As you said, more can be added later by the Community.

Good luck, man.

Marjorie Middy, January 5 2011, 8:11 PM

Topic: Post earthquake new house design for Haiti.

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Pierre, Pouvez-vous descendre de votre cheval blanc afin que nous puissions parler un peu? Bon, d'abord et avant tout... read more >
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Marjorie Middy, 6-Jan-11 6:29 pm
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