Thank you.Ms. Marjorie Middy We have thousands of well...

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Thank you .Ms. Marjorie Middy
We have thousands of well qualified Haitians that could outshine me in those tasks.

They are willing and able. It is easy to find them in campus, nightclubs, churches and other public gatherings.

However, many of them will need to place the Haitian national interests above their personal needs and wants.

Other will have to resolve their identity crisis.

Some of them shamelessly bragging not being Haitians and have the impudence of badmouthed Haiti with foreigners who thinks very little of them anyway.

They should realize that they are Haitians not "French people"as some claims to be because they speak a rich and versatile language called hayitian that could match any other language in clarity, depth and elegance and share a unique and versatile culture.

They should know that we Haitians opened the gates that put an end to slavery leading to the independence of many nations including to some of the very same people that are disrespecting us today and think that we are fair game.
To accomplish this they should be well versed in Haitian history and its relationship with other countries.

They should have a clear understanding of the dynamic of forces that have been detrimental to Haitian interests and continue to cause us so many grieves.

The reason I decided to make a directory of information is because I realized that there is a need for a systematic organization of information in our community that could serve as a repository of information in case of need. The information are there on the internet and available to anyone.

Very often the problem is when you want specific information rapidly, retrieving information on the internet in moment of crisis tend to be elusive and shy away from you for some arcane reason.

A group or a country cannot maximize its potential without systematic hierarchy of task. Information is a top priority among those building blocks.

A well-organized and verifiable database could be used for the benefit of the community as a way to contact our experts when in need or to mobilize them at a moment notice in crisis situation.

I remember that so many Haitian groups failed and one of the culprits was the failure to get the right information in a timely fashion.

The database could be updated by the community.

Some Haitians were looking for basic info about Haiti on the wrong place on the internet during the January 2010 earthquake.

In case of a crisis, Haitians need rapid and reliable contacts, information and consultation on any giving subject or topic and other pertinent info regarding where when how who to contact.

Whether we need to do an ad hoc conference, a flash mobilization of people we will need a database and not one because such database might not be available for a variety of reason when needed in real emergency.

We will have to replicate the same info on various geographical locations in case one server went down another backup will kick in immediately.

Such info should be downloading routinely on CD & flash drives by the users.

I remember that the NYPD Field communication jammed our portable CB radio communication during the AIDS protest in Manhattan several years ago. We did not have a backup plan for signalization such as hand signal, semaphore, whistle and so on.
People that are not computer savvy, inexperienced or ineffective at finding information on the internet net will not have to waste countless time reinventing the wheel to find where the Haitian Associations and experts are located in case of need. Everything will be under the same roof. This will save us time, energy, sleep, monies and will reduce unnecessary stress.

I am a licensed radio amateur.

During the January 2010 I had hard time finding Association of Haitian radio amateur in Haiti and around the world.

The association of radio amateur in Haiti apparently exists on papers and on the internet but it is not functioning.

Haiti is among the few nations that does not an effective radio amateur group on the international airwave.

We were unable to coordinate our efforts during the January 2010 crisis.

To my understanding it was the Dominican ambassador that purchased some radio amateur equipment in the US to bring them to Haiti.

What a shame
The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) is the national association for amateur radio in the U.S. The AARL send radio amateur equipment to Haiti after the earthquake now it is up to the community to find out what happened to them.
I will recommend that every Haitian who has an interest in communications should get the FCC radio amateur license so they could communicate with their relative and friends in Haiti for pleasure.

However when disaster strike such as hurricane, flood, earthquake regular means of communications such as land line telephone and cellular telephone become inoperative for a variety of reason and reaching someone in Haiti turns out to be a nightmare.

And, it is precisely when radio amateur kick in to save lives.

Haiti used to have a vibrant radio amateur club but Francois Duvalier outlaw the practice after the macoutes caught a catholic priest named Greening Berger with radio transmitter equipment that Duvalier believe were brought to Haiti to overthrow him. To get caught with a radio transmitter during that period was a no-no to say the least.
I will recommend the Haitians to take as much courses with the Red Cross and FEMA if it is possible for them.
We have Haitians in all those fields.

Why not rally them around the Haitian Poto Mitan [What the French will call: table ronde] for the benefits of Haiti.

Those that want to continue to be slave of the international professional parasites class for some miserable dollar and illusive material comforts should continue to remain on their knees begging their master with utmost deference and obedience as it is expected by the masters.

I exhort the real Haitian men and women to stand up with dignity for the defense of Haiti and the Haitian dreams.

I know the above partial list might appears amusing to you or probably will make you laugh but you must realize that every one of those knowledge play a crucial role in the right context and time.
What I try to do is very crude and primitive work but I hope other that have the appropriate expertise in informatics, information management, artificial intelligence and other branch of modern communication will come to rescue in due time.
The following is a partial list but could be expanding ad infinitum:
Academicians, Accountants, agronomists, analysts the whole range of, artists, barbers, beauticians, chef, chemists, communication specialist, community organizers, computer hackers, computer programmers, computer technicians, consultants the whole spectrum of them, cooks, diplomats, doctors, electricians, Emergency Services Specialists, engineers, Geographers, Geologists, heavy equipment operators, historians, houngans, judges, land lords,, law enforcers current and retired, lawyers, librarians, lobbyists, locksmith, mambos, mathematicians, messengers or run errands, meteorologists military experts, notaries, nurses' aides, nurses, pastors, pharmacists, pilots of aircraft and boats, politicians-professional, printers, polyglots, priests, professors college, psychologists, public image consultants, radio amateur groups, radio communication equipment, radio technicians, superintendents of buildings, tailors, taxi bases, taxi drivers, teachers, translators of natural languages and simultaneous translators, veterinarians, writers to name a few.
To solve problem you must be able to define the problem before you could formulate the appropriate course of action and solution.

Very often when Haitian tried to solve a problem, they don't have the appropriate specialist with them in the meeting which is result in considerable waste of time and purpose through their logorhea festival, or verbal or verbal mas...

or verbal diarrhea that usually follow by an exchange of invectives.

and empty threats They go off tangent and failed to accomplish the task at hand.

Pierre F. Lherisson, January 5 2011, 10:09 AM

Topic: Post earthquake new house design for Haiti.

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