no max you are wrong

Herrn Dakar - July 24 2007, 10:21 PM

I am sad to see all you Haitians get in such state of despair by assuming that the Country is doomed.

That is not true. Haiti is a great nation for us Africans
The problem is in Haiti you do not have people who are willing to sacrifice their lives for the future of the country but not in vain. You do not have men who are willing to hit the mountains like Castro or create a serious guerilla capable of create fear in the hearts of those scum bags you have in Port au Prince.

You Haitians must realize that by talking about it it will not happen and pretty soon you might become all enslaved by the Dominican Republic.The worst is this dirty minority you have down there will pack up and leave or even join the Yellow Dominicans in enslaving the black majority.

Never I have been in a place with such lack of national identity.

And never I have seen any elite with such disregard for the rule of laws
Yoy need another Dessalines, Moise and le peuple souverain

Response to:

You are right,buddy! All we can do is talk about it...


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