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You're in contradiction with yourself please, don't take with you.

Ronald Guillaume, July 24 2007, 10:07 PM

Topic: The Return of Mr Jean Bertrand Aristide

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I just want to rectify my mistakes,i'm sorry that i didn't read my post."It's easy to know our leaders.Mr.Aristide has... read more >
Llyod, 3-Jul-07 5:18 pm
Guillaume mwen respekte revandikasyon-w. Men saki pi enpotan, nou te vote senate yo, ki genyen plis pouvwa pou fe e... read more >
Franck, 4-Jul-07 12:47 pm
Hi my name is Dasny, I live in germany.So, I´m intrust about your e-mail you write.It´s very good what you say.It´s... read more >
Dasny, 5-Jul-07 11:59 am
hey aristide had is chances.....and he fails........how can you be succesful when you divide people? hey he did... read more >
Gimar, 22-Jul-07 7:37 am
Well, Tell me what are the chances that he had and why he needed to govern with chances to help his 67 % voters in... read more >
Ronald Guillaume, 22-Jul-07 1:22 pm
..he was dividing the people..........you are a president for all people now only a certain group....i think you... read more >
Gimar, 23-Jul-07 7:51 pm
Aristide was nothing more than a little weak restavek, uncle tom, oppurtunist, murderous, bastard. He used the words... read more >
Brother L.k., 24-Jul-07 3:10 pm
Brither K, I am by no mean a supporter of Aristide but in good conscience I can not back a group of bloodthirsty... read more >
Herrn Dakar, 24-Jul-07 7:42 pm
You're in contradiction with yourself please,don't take with you. read more >
Ronald Guillaume, 24-Jul-07 10:07 pm
I feel your pain.It's hard to believe that our brothers and sisters are mentally enslave.I have a great deal of... read more >
Llyod, 25-Jul-07 9:19 pm
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