You did your best to avoid the central theme of this debate...

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You did your best to avoid the central theme of this debate.

The CEP stole the vote of the Haitian people.

They manipulated and changed the results in favor of the ruling party INITE and Preval.

This is wrong! You cannot fabricate your own results by putting together new tally sheets.

It's wrong!

I support Stanley Lucas solution to solve the current electoral crisis in Haiti.

The only people that are against it are the one supporting the current status quo and corruption particularly the Duvalas, INITE, Preval, The corrupt business cartel Groupe de Bourdon and the Duvalas described earlier by Carole

1. Did the CEP manipulated the results of the elections to favor the presidential and legislative candidates of the ruling party INITE?

Yes, the CEP did manipulate the results of the elections to ensure the control of 80% of parliament and the presidency according to all national and international observation reports.

The CEP by doing so betrayed the will of the people, violated the constitution and the law of the country.

They must go. On that Monsieur Stanley Lucas is right.

If you need to a fair process you need to remove the corrupt members of the CEP. In addition concerning the CEP Mr. Lucas constitutional agreement on radio is right.

Article 289 stipulates which sectors of society can be represented on the CEP. None of the current members are. Gaillot Dorsinvil represented the handicap sector, Ginette Cherubin women, Anthenor vaudou, and so on, read article 289, these sectors are not included.

Again Stanley Lucas is right.

2. The same people that manipulated and changed the results in favor of the ruling party in charge of the verification process?

You want them to review the tally sheets they themselves fabricated.

Are you a supporter of Preval INITE and Groupe de Bourdon?

3. Yes, Preval has more tha 10 years in power, according to Monsieur Lucas, Preval and Aristide twenty years in power has been a nightmare for the Haitian people.

check these links, 1. 2. 3.

4. This is these kind of things under Preval and his cronies that placed Haiti on the list of the top three most corrupt country on earth.

The corrupted the judicial system, the civil servant, the police, the management of the elections, the private sector with the group de bourdon and so on

As Obama use to say change is coming, the people of Haiti had enough, Haiti will change leadership this time. Thanks to Stanley Lucas for his support and courage.

He is a good man no matter what a Duvalas like you said.

Christine Jerome, December 10 2010, 9:59 AM

Topic: A Solution to Haiti's Political and Electoral Crisis by Stanley Lucas

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Carole Frerot, 9-Dec-10 3:07 pm
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General Dessalines, 9-Dec-10 3:11 pm
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Zac, 9-Dec-10 3:28 pm
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Kamoken, 9-Dec-10 3:59 pm
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Martine Vilien, 9-Dec-10 4:11 pm
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Belinda Joseph, 9-Dec-10 4:27 pm
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Jean-mary Francois, 9-Dec-10 5:37 pm
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Tiboule Harold, 9-Dec-10 9:28 pm
I agree but who is going to hold him accountable? The man controls the CEP, he controls parliament, the police and the... read more >
Zac, 10-Dec-10 8:20 am
You did your best to avoid the central theme of this debate. The CEP stole the vote of the Haitian people. They... read more >
Christine Jerome, 10-Dec-10 9:59 am
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