Worse of the bunch

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In my opinion Preval has to be the worst president EVER for Haiti.

He is far more corrupted that the dictatorship that we experienced in the 80's. He should really start thinking about what he is doing to the country and its people.

We Haitians will not forget that he tried to impose his "soon to be son in law " Jude Celestin as his successor.

He will be expelled like the other presidents out of Haiti if he continue this masquerade.

There is still time for him to be a "man of Honor and Respect", and it can ONLY happen if he force his buddy Jude to pull out of the race and let the Haitian people pick from a runoff between their two favorites " Mrs Manigat and Martely.

Preval, you have said once to the Haitians and I quote: "Nage poun soti" now I will throw it back at you " Nage pou'w soti si ou kapab"

Blazin Haitien, December 10 2010, 8:50 AM

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