Carole, here is why I think Mr. Stanley Lucas is a dangerous...

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Carole, here is why I think Mr. Stanley Lucas is a dangerous confused person.

Let's review the Stanley Lucas solution

1 --- He precariously proposed to "QUICKLY replace the current CEP".

Well, I think he started on the wrong foot by betraying himself in revealing his ignorance of the democratic process.

All democratic process must first and foremost begin by the establishment of a consensus or a direct referendum.

Mr. Lucas seems more like an anarchist in early age of his development that should be silenced immediately.

How can you offer to take such an extreme decision without of the pre-existence of a consensus or a direct referendum

2 --- By the time, I get to his #2, #3 to his #5, the CEP has already ordered a another verification process.

Any other action is not democratically feasible until the conclusion of the re-verification process.

--- 3 --- If Mr. Lucas had any reason or wisdom of his own, he should know that President Rene Preval has more than 10 years of experience at the top of the political scene of Haiti.

Therefore, he has proven records to sustain the pressure we have seen for the last few days.

--- 4 --- Mr. Lucas proposed 5 elements of his solution, but I think he is unaware to that he fails to tell who will take these actions.

Who will "replace the CEP"?

He himself

5 --- Doesn't Mr. Lucas know that there are already legal processes and procedures in place to contest the temporary results of the elections.

Does he even know that the results published last Tuesday are only temporary until final ratification?

This guy doesn't know what he is talking about!

Besides, if he took himself seriously, he would offer his solution directly to an individual in a position of influence or to an Institution in such position.

If he does not take himself seriously, why should we?

Jean-mary Francois, December 9 2010, 5:37 PM

Topic: A Solution to Haiti's Political and Electoral Crisis by Stanley Lucas

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Belinda Joseph, 9-Dec-10 4:27 pm
Carole, here is why I think Mr. Stanley Lucas is a dangerous confused person. Let’s review the Stanley Lucas... read more >
Jean-mary Francois, 9-Dec-10 5:37 pm
You can never implement this solution without the exisitence of a concesus or a referenduum. The democratic process... read more >
Tiboule Harold, 9-Dec-10 9:28 pm
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Zac, 10-Dec-10 8:20 am
You did your best to avoid the central theme of this debate. The CEP stole the vote of the Haitian people. They... read more >
Christine Jerome, 10-Dec-10 9:59 am
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