Canadian news request for an interview

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Good day..

We are a live national tv news broadcast in Canada.

As part of our continuing coverage of events in Haiti, we would like to have a brief (5 minute) interview with President Preval either Saturday or Sunday this weekend.

The interview could be done on SKYPE or by telephone.

We have heard from candidates Baker and Voltaire..we would like to balance things out.

Canada has a large Haitian population who would be interested..but all of our viewers would probably like to hear what President Preval has to say.

We have over 1 million viewers each day on the weekends.

Please let me know if this interview would be possible.

Thank you

Brenda.Hanna at
416-205-5987 Thursday and Friday
416-205-6389 Saturday and Sunday

Brenda Hanna, December 9 2010, 2:24 PM

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