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Carole Frerot:
Mr. Stanley Lucas sa-a, se sa yo rele :
- "Un intellectual de gauche",
- Une sorte de politisyen rabi looking for political followers across the web,
- Une sorte de living Monsieur Zabulbork Beurre-A-Chat of our times.

But, instead of having him inside an on-demand theatre, he jumps into our lives un-invited and often when he is mostly un-welcome.

Il n'est rien qu'un enmerdement who is wasting web readers' precious times and sometimes stretches our intellect to no gain.

His strategy is always the same in every web log and at every web page you can find him; and, all his writings and for every issue that he writes about:

1) First, a THUNDERBOLT hits his brain;
2) But instead of seeking the help of a doctor, he fires up his computer and starts collecting SCATTERED FACTS AND STATISTICS all over the Internet;
3) Then, he quickly becomes OVERLOADED with information.

4) Finally, he craftily assembles his pile of uncorroborated facts and statistics into AN AMAZING PUZZLE that left his readers asking

34;Where am I and how do I get here?"

I am always embarrassed when people ask me who is that Stanley Lucas?

This - yet another - "Solution to Haiti's Political and Electoral Crisis" of his that you post, left me no different.

It seems like another solution stolen from Sonson Pipirit in the corner of Jean-Jacques Dessalines Boulevard and Tiremasse street.

Now, please excuse my language, but, every time I take my time to read his publication, I come to the conclusion that it is nothing but another public intellectual masturbation performance of his where President René Garcia Preval seems to be the favorite object of his fantasy.

I wish that he stops displaying his own psychological nudity throughout the Haitian web.

Tiboule Harold, December 9 2010, 1:24 PM

Topic: A Solution to Haiti's Political and Electoral Crisis by Stanley Lucas

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Carole Frerot: Mr. Stanley Lucas sa-a, se sa yo rele : - “Un intellectual de gauche”, - Une sorte de politisyen... read more >
Tiboule Harold, 9-Dec-10 1:24 pm
I disagree Lucas is a conservative,a champion of democracy, human rights in Haiti. He is one of our best advocate. The... read more >
Carole Frerot, 9-Dec-10 3:07 pm
I think you are all missing the point. The proposal of Stanley Lucas to solve the electoral and political crisis is... read more >
General Dessalines, 9-Dec-10 3:11 pm
Personally I think Lucas is a questionable character but I sense Tiboule is a Preval and Celestin supporter who... read more >
Zac, 9-Dec-10 3:28 pm
Zac That is the problem....Every time we have a guy who spends a few years in power, ccumulating all the wealth in the... read more >
Kamoken, 9-Dec-10 3:59 pm
Carole: I agree with you that Stanley Lucas's proposal to solve the crisis is a very good one. And you right on the... read more >
Martine Vilien, 9-Dec-10 4:11 pm
Very good point Zac. We need First, let's solve the electoral crisis by using Stanley Lucas Lucas's proposal His... read more >
Belinda Joseph, 9-Dec-10 4:27 pm
Carole, here is why I think Mr. Stanley Lucas is a dangerous confused person. Let’s review the Stanley Lucas... read more >
Jean-mary Francois, 9-Dec-10 5:37 pm
You can never implement this solution without the exisitence of a concesus or a referenduum. The democratic process... read more >
Tiboule Harold, 9-Dec-10 9:28 pm
I agree but who is going to hold him accountable? The man controls the CEP, he controls parliament, the police and the... read more >
Zac, 10-Dec-10 8:20 am
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