Dear Reverend... It was a pleasant surprise to hear that...

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Dear Reverend ...

It was a pleasant surprise to hear that President Preval is not only a man of prayer, but has also been assigned wise individuals of faith who understand the power of prayer to the Almighty God, Creator of heaven and earth, through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

I do hope this piece of info is music to God ears, as we may both agree that Haiti could benefit from a leader who not only reverence, but adhere to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

My apology if my message came across as one expressing hate for the ordained President, for I'm fully aware that all authority comes from above, and honor must be given where honor is due. I must also reassure you that your opinion of me is the least of my concern, for my calling was not from below, but above, and the anointing placed upon my life as a Prophet was in spite of my wish, indeed a costly transition; called, chosen and set apart for the purpose of His ministry; hated and rejected even by many, therefore dogs barking no longer phase me, but I trust since you claim to be a man of God, you would understand where I'm coming from.

It appears that President Preval has a chance to read this message, one of extreme importance which will determine the destiny of our beloved Haiti, therefore I feel encouraged to take the time to reiterate it again.

My prayer is that we all will place our personal views or judgment aside and pray for further guidance from the Almighty, as we each take the time to re-examine our motives, our actions, for as the Almighty God is a compassionate God, He is also a consuming fire when judgment is called to take its course.

The Haitian people are oppressed, those living below poverty level, in intense spiritual darkness, like sheep without a Shepperd, yet their sins have reached heavens door, their cup of abomination is full before the Almighty, the past earthquake was merely a foretaste of tragedy pending in the future of Haiti if we as a nation don't change our ways, our actions on an administrative and individual level.

Mr. Preval, as the chief in command is asked to take heed to this warning starting with this election, the voice of the people must be heard at last. Each must be treated with respect, dignity regardless of economic status.

A leader must not be chosen because of personal interest but rather for the best interest of the people and the Country.

We are not savage, we are intelligent being, young and old, poor and rich, they all have personal inspiration, give them that chance at last. Haiti, "The Pearl of the Islands", what happened?

"L'Union fait la force" what happened?

The Lord has some great plan for Haiti, a transformed Haiti, where justice and prosperity, signs and wonders from above will demonstrate the power of God, a showcase Haiti will be to the world, but if the head does not take heed of this warning, as the Lord did in the days of Moses and Pharaoh so will he do it again, for the people must have a chance at once, so they can choose light over darkness, in order for the Lord's vision for Haiti to be accomplished, so the world may witness the Glory of God in a land where it was believed to be hopeless.

As you said Reverend: "When God wants to punish a nation, He punishes a nation - i.e. Sodom and Gomorrah.

"When God wants to punish an individual, he directs his judgment to the individual directly."

Your statement is true, but I guess you fail to understand that President Preval is equal to Haiti, while Haiti is equal to President Preval; when the earthquake shook Haiti and ravaged the land, although the President's life was spared, him and those around him should have felt each lost on a personal level, because when the world see Haiti, they see the President and those ruling with him. And yes, God's warning was toward the Country, not the President, but its purpose was to remind everyone how quickly we can each disappear when we refuse to weight our actions, and when we fail to remember that God is still ruling in the affair of mankind; yet how quickly we forget!

Perhaps you should take a look at the old testament, in the word of God, during the famine in Israel, when the king witnessed his people devouring each other for food, due to hunger; the King tore his clothes, and went in mourning, fasting before the Lord...

Although I'm certain his table was always full, but his heart yearn when he saw the condition his people were enduring.

A principle I believe every Haitian President should adopt.

Blessing, wisdom.

and humility to you and the Presidential staff.

Nadege M. Moise, December 9 2010, 12:35 PM

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