Mr Jean Bertrand Aristide

Ronald Guillaume - July 22 2007, 1:22 PM


Tell me what are the chances that he had and why he needed to govern with chances to help his 67 % voters in 1991.Did he also has "chances" to return back in Haiti in 1994. Do you know what he was told in order to his return that year and to hold his Government in 2001.Why should I do this or that in order to govern my country without problems from other countries and to stay in my country.How do you know about his pockets.How many of unelected ones, living inside, died and outside of the country with large amount of money stolen from the Haitian people and do not want to return any to us even a penny.Him, himself did not steal any and wants to live in his country with his Brothers and Sisters.

I think, we Haitians should stop according too many too much in our ways of life, we are a people, a nation and have a destiny thus, things must change to either President and individually.

Think about it,1804-2007 how many years of Independance.

We want our dignity, our sovereignty and our futur to stand like any other Nation, think about it again.

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hey aristide had is chances.....and he...


The Return of Mr Jean Bertrand Aristide

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