The Upcoming Earthquake of 2012 Will Clean The Land

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God will be so mad after the elections that he will clean Haiti again.

Preval and his wife will be gone and the cadavers will remain unaccounted.

Three millions of people will die and Haiti will be vleaned for real. God will be mad for those tricky elections and he will thrown his curse over HAITI.

You will die in great numbers and your loved ones will be eaten by sharks and all other animals.

2012 will be the end of Haiti...

Gaspard Dieumaine, November 25 2010, 6:06 PM

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This is one of the many example to get rid of religion because this imaginary god use low IQ with criminal tendencies... read more >
Jean Claude Cuvalier, 25-Nov-10 9:57 pm
Not to say that, God is not a wiched person to justify the mean that is the only way to clean Haiti. I believe in... read more >
Dr. Rivel Dumaine, 27-Nov-10 1:58 pm
HI, You are right to say what you say. Whether people have low IQ and criminal tendencies, that is all of the devil's... read more >
Rev. Dr. Dumaine, 27-Nov-10 2:18 pm
Oh Dumaine, that is what you want for Haiti. Another earthquake to destroy all Haitians. That's what you think, as a... read more >
Dieusibon, 27-Nov-10 2:58 pm
My Friend, I will never say anything like that for My Haiti and my brothers and sisters, you just have misread the... read more >
Rev. Dr. Dumaine, 27-Nov-10 8:07 pm
Check your reference in the blog the original writer about Upcoming Earhtquake of 2012 will clean the land is... read more >
Rev. Dr. Dumaine, 27-Nov-10 8:16 pm
All Haitians should die in the next Earthquake 2012 if they refuse to become christians. Voudou cannot deliver Haiti... read more >
Rev Dr. Dumaine, 29-Nov-10 10:49 pm


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