1: Mayan Prediction With Another Earthquake For Haiti...

Yolande M. Dieu - November 25 2010, 1:47 PM

Haiti is too populated and half of them will perish on the second earthquake that will occur before the installment of the new contested Haitian president.

Haiti will rebuild after the February earhquake of 2012. Mayans have predicted Tsunami and Earthquake for Haiti in 2012. Brace for the worst to come and Haiti will be cleaned ok. God will clean Haiti with its second earthquake.

Nou tro magouye e nou fout pral peye po kase a. Ke nou vole nan Dominikani nap pran nou pral sispan vole Atoufe...

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Betty C. Pierrelouis says...

Who cares? All Haitians in the cities around Haiti should die excerpt the Haitian peasants, the true Haiti. It is time... more »