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Tiba, you are right 100%, our country is a tax heaven for many U.S. NGOs. Whatever thing a U.S. Corporation does not like, they send it to those NGOs and claim it back trough taxation.

It is time for Haiti to stop being a laboratory of experiment for the U.S. corporations or a backyard for U.S. garbages as well. This tax heaven for all U.S. corporations need to stop and the new government should withdraw or cancel their licenses to give a chance to Haiti.

We need to get rid of the NGOs, 131 political parties and unlicensed orphanages.

Haiti cannot develop and progress with those viruses ok. We will be working on that and you are right at 100%...

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Tiba, You Are Right 100%, Our Country Is A Tax Heaven For Many U.S. NGOs. Whatever Thing A U.S. Corporation Does Not Like, They Send It To Those NGOs And Claim It Back Trough Taxation. It Is Time For Haiti To Stop... Anonymous 11/24/2010
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You Seen To Be A Very Educated Individual. In Saying So, I Would Think That You Understood That The Book Is Not What Is Being Given To The Haitian Children, It Is The Profit From The Sale Of The Book. The Link Opened... Dari France 11/21/2010
Very Sad That Children Can Not Be Children. The Story Book Is A Wonderful Book For Children, And With The Donation Monies Being Generated From The Book, Not Only Will The Orphanage Have A Nice Home, That Will With... Jeanmerre 11/21/2010
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I Clicked On The Link It Won't Open, I Cut And Paste Is Till Won't Open. Maybe Such A Website Does Not Exist. Nevertheless, I Want To Caution Everybody On Donating Money To Certain Organizations That Claim To Be Doing... Tiba 11/21/2010
What A Wonderful Gift To Give, $20,000 And A Story For Children. I Made A Purchase And Gave A Gift. Thadus Marcos 11/21/2010
I Purchased 10 Books To Give To My Grand Kids. It's Well Worth The Small Cost, And The Money Helps The Orphans In Haiti. Thanks For A Wonderful Children's Story. God Bless Moise G 11/20/2010