You have made a good point of the reality that all haitians...

Rev. Dr. Dumaine - November 23 2010, 10:51 PM

You have made a good point of the reality that all haitians shall enjoy with or without Duvalier, Aristide, and or any other leaders; however people should not misunderstand the writter point of view that Haiti of the 80's is not the same, nor its progress accelerates.

A true leader is not belong to any country, but to the truth and only the truth, so help us God. He is speaking the truth that will help our children get the knowledge of our beautiful Haiti.

Please, my people give every Citizen, rich or poor, slave or master, black or white, green or yellow the chance to speak his or her mind, and don't get offended if the speech does not fall under your will or criteria.

It' is hard when the truth hit the door of entourages, your friends, and political parties, but it is okay for the sake of promoting change.

It make me feel safe when people speak the truth with an opened mind rather than fanatism and friendship.

It does not matter what group you from as long as you can speak the truth one day we must be ready to get around the table together.

There is no more to say about the fact except to approve it for what it is.


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