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Considering the challenges we are facing today, Charles Henry Baker is the best one to lead Haiti to a brighter future.

He is not only promoting good things, he is already a real builder.

Charles Henry Baker is THE ONLY CANDIDATE with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the fields of agriculture, economy, commerce, job creation and politics.

His professional career prove it. Actually, at 55 years old, under his visionary leadership and the participation of two partners, 80.000 haitians are working.

Charles Henry Baker is THE ONLY CANDIDATE who strongly beleive if decentralization is a key element to Haiti development, it must be done gradually, and together with the development of a strong national production.

Charles Henry Baker is THE ONLY CANDIDATE who will take the necessary steps right after he is elected, he said, to put back to work a new armed forces to ensure security in all departments.

Certainly this will prevent future problems, and will allow us to keep our cordial friendship with our international partners.

For more information, visit these websites:
1) (categry archives - Haiti elections 2010 - Charles Henry Baker vision 2011-2016)
It is also time to contact your acquaintances from all corners of Haiti to tell them to vote on November 28, 2010. We must engage and move forward, says Charlito.

By casting your vote for Charlito Baker, you will vote for a responsible government, a government of service.

Thank you.

Marie-Denise Jean-Francois

Marie-denise Jean-francoi, November 22 2010, 11:43 AM

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Prince H. Feguens, 22-Nov-10 6:18 pm
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Marie-denise Jean-francoi, 23-Nov-10 8:47 am
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Marie-denise Jean-francoi, 23-Nov-10 9:10 am


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