I agree with you that Baker and Manigat are the Haitian...

Jean-bas - November 22 2010, 7:41 AM

I agree with you that Baker and Manigat are the Haitian Bourgeoisie's cards in the upcoming elections, but who cares?

Who benefited the most of Haiti's economic resources before the earthquake and who would benefit more after the earthquake?

The answer is the Haitian Bourgeoisie.

And who should rebuild?

You will not tell me the poor who did not enrich themselves before that devastating earthquake?

Mirelande Manigat and her husband's union is a perfect example for the so-called bourgeoisie to know that competent dark skinned Haitians and light skinned Haitians should join themselves to rebuild Haiti and end social and economic segregation in Haiti.

The Creator proved that to us on the last earthquake and we should learn our lessons.

Mulattoes and dark skinned Haitians both were buried in the same mass graves and there was no secret burial mass grave for any of the ethnic group in particular.

With both Manigats we can regain our Haitian pride and we can rebuild to end economic stagnation as well as social segregation in this beautiful country as called in the past The Pearl of the Antilles.

There is hope and let's rebuild!

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