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Mr. Preval I am impressed with your work in Haiti.

Keep up with the good work. Anyway, I have some suggestions to make:
#1 L'hopital General needs to be privatized for the patient care in this hospital is beyond humane imagination.

If it is privatized the treatment will be much better.

It can be done under one condition; you as government have to make special arrangement with the owner to pay partial payment for the poor patients.

In order to do that, social service would need to find out whether the patient has a job or not, or if he is self employed or not.Now, if the patient is working or self employed you, the government need to use your judement to determine how money that you will be able to pay for him. However if the patient is not working at all you, meaning the government would need to pay at leat 3/4 (three third) of a payment for him. Beside good patient care, perhaps the equipment that the hospital receive from other country in the daily basis would be vanished.

It would be there for the haitian people to use. I t hurts me to see you going to foreign country for hospital care; anyway I understand why you do it, Although going out of the country for care gives us the impression that haitian doctors are incompetent.

#2 This is just a sugestion; see if you can find a company who would help Haiti build a bridge to link the Haitian islands to the main land. That would be a plus. With all of these investers in Haiti this idea can be done, for nothing is impossible.

Make the bridges as a toll bridge(paid bridge like one in USA going from state to state)

#3 The entrance in Cap-Haitian can be a toll entrance
for either goin in or out, and the use the money to repair the roads of the area. The toll does not have to be a whole a lot of money; it could be just un gourde one way or both ways.

#4 Young children in the street needs to go some where so that they ca be educated or traing with some kind of skills.

As everyone can see they are the cause of the main problem in Haiti.

They need a plce to live until they become mature enough to go out on their owns. Whatever place you are preparign for them, it does not have to be in Port-au-prince.

#5 Although Davalier was not a good president, During his reign people were repected.

I would sugest that it is not a bad idea to bring next you one the Duvalierist party.

It would help you settle with all messes that are going on right now in Haiti.

Anyway, the person that I have in mind is Frank Romain.

#6 Catherine Flon is a woman that Haitian shall never forget for her contribution to history.

I strongly believe that Haiti needs to erect a statue of catherine Flon somewhere in Haiti.

History repeats itself but this is repeated.

It is done only in Haitian history where hair is being used as thread so a flag. Wow! this is deep! If you want to open a foundation for erection of Catherine Flon everyone can contribute to it.

So Mr. president this is all I have to say for now. I wish you can find these sugestions usful for your to help you better serve the people and to maintain a safe envirnment.For we, the diaspora, love our country as much as you love it. Have a Blessed Day Mr. President.

Konogor, July 20 2007, 4:57 AM

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