Rebuild Haiti

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First of all Rene Preval needs to reforming the military in haiti that can help the country economically and more stable, it will creating more government jobs young and less fortunate haitians can have more choices just to join the military that can help them learn new skills such as electronic aviation technician, automobile technician and much more. Second Build Hospitals, schools, clean drinking water, make deal with international investers guanrantee them securities if they come open busines in haiti that way you will attracting more international inverstors to come invests in haitian.

Third privatize all majors company that gorvernment control like teleco, EPH name of few. Finally If preval doing all these I previous stated I guarantee you we will definitely have a much better haiti and we would have more respect from other countries nobody will speak about Jamaica or any touristic place in caribbean but Haiti better known (Pelle Des Antilles)

Ron, September 4 2006, 2:02 PM

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Ayisyen Patriyot, 4-Sep-06 11:16 pm


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